Join the herd, we're hiring.

What we are after

We're team of dynamic technicians, marketers, and bean counters. Having experienced massive growth over past 4 years we welcome aboard at every opportunity - what we call "bright enthusiastic generators."

If you believe yourself to be a generator, are passionate about mobile, tech stuff, Apple, Samsung, iPhone (obviously) and find yourself naturally serving others, you may just find yourself at home amongst us here at iService. We are always looking for good poeple - who are customer centric, creative, determined and simply down to earth.

Get in touch ...

We not after a lenthy resume, rather keep it short and sweet. A few things we after...

  • Preferably no criminal record
  • 2 years tech background
  • your own transport is very preferred

Attach your resume below and we'll be in touch or you can shoot a mail to Look forward to meeting up!